1. Quicktraining.ie will maintain a panel of approved training course organisers; Quicktraining.ie will provide a third party booking service to approved training organisers. Quicktraining.ie reserve the right to edit or remove any course listing without prior notification.
  2. The approval of course organisers are strictly at the discretion of Quicktraining.ie. Course organisers may be removed from the register of approved course organisers without prior notice.
  3. It is the responsibility of the course organiser to ensure that specified courses are run to the appropriate standards of the governing body.
  4. It is the sole responsibility of the course organiser to ensure that course details are correct at all times.
  5. Course organisers are strictly prohibited from including the following non-exhaustive list of text in course listings: company/trading name, telephone number, web site address or email address.
  6. Quicktraining.ie with only accept payment for the full course fee via Stripe Inc. online payment system. As Quicktraining.ie will retain a percentage of the course fee and forward the balance to the course organiser, course organisers are required to have a Stripe account to receive payments.
  7. It is the sole responsibility of the course organiser to immediately update the details of the course on the Quicktraining.ie website in the event of a change.
  8. Quicktraining.ie will bear no responsibility for refunds of course fees forwarded to course organisers.
  9. Quicktraining.ie is not to be held liable for any costs incurred as a result of the cancellation of bookings made through the Quicktraining.ie website.
  10. Course organisers must ensure that places are secured for applicants who have booked though Quicktraining.ie on their chosen course. Priority must be given to applicants booked through the Quicktraining.ie website in the event of overbooking
  11. In the event of a course cancelation the course organiser should offer the applicant an alternative course date. If the applicant rejects the alternative course date the course organiser must direct the applicant back to Quicktraining.ie to allow the applicant to be booked onto an alternative course listed on the site.
  12. If the applicant fails to turn up for a training course Quicktraining.ie will retain the booking fee
  13. Electronic transfer fee’s are not the responsibility of Quicktraining.ie